Tropical Aquarium plants

We carry everything in stock to make your aquarium look stunning.

We have a huge range of aquarium plants shipped weekly from three unique sources including Tropica potted plants probably the best aquarium plants in the world & Tropica 1 2 grow plants (grown from tissue cultivation in a gel and guaranteed snail ,pest & pathogen free.

Plants include speices like hemianthus, glossostigma ,echinodoras, mosses.

 For d ecoration we have instock bog wood , red moor wood, rock.

 Substrates we have sands , gravels, nature soils and additive for fertilising the gravel.

 We have four ranges of plant foods including Tropica and Easylife.

We stock a huge range of co2 equipment form basic sets to full professional sets with solenoid, we also offer a refill service for co2 bottles.




We carry everything
in stock to create you
perfect aquascape.


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