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Whether you have a passion for freshwater tropical, marines or coldwater fish or simply need to know how to create a garden pond, we suggest that in the first instance, you contact your local OATA member retailer who will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Alternatively, we have produced a number of guides, videos and care sheets that will hopefully help you.

How To’ Guides:

1 Set up and maintain a freshwater aquarium – (pdf)
2 Set up and maintain a marine aquarium – (pdf)
Set up and maintain a Wildlife Pond – (pdf)
3 Understand and test water quality – (pdf)
Setting up a pond – (pdf)
Setting up a Aquarium – (pdf)

How To’ Videos:

Learn How To Keep Fish
Keeping Goldfish Successfully
Setting Up A Goldfish Aquarium
Keeping Tropical Freshwater Fish Successfully
Setting Up A Tropical Freshwater Aquarium
Keeping Marine Fish Successfully
Setting Up A Marine Aquarium

Care Sheets for Coldwater Fish:

10 Goldfish – (pdf)
11 Fancy Goldfish - (pdf)
12 Pond fish - (pdf)

Care Sheets for Tropical Freshwater Fish:

20 Hillstream Loach, White Cloud Mountain Minnows & Weather Loaches - (pdf)
21 Tetras, Rasboras and Danios – (pdf)
22 Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies and Platies - (pdf)
23 Barbs - (pdf)
24 Bettas, gouramis and paradise fish – (pdf)
25 Rainbowfish – (pdf)
26 Freshwater Sharks – (pdf)
27 Dwarf Cichlids – (pdf)
28 Discus – (pdf)
29 American Cichlids – (pdf)
30 African Malawi Cichlids – (pdf)
31 Rare and Unusual Species – (pdf)
32 Aggressive Species – (pdf)
33 Catfish – (pdf)
34 Tropical Algae Eaters – (pdf)
35 Killifish – (pdf)
36 Loaches – (pdf)
37 Wild caught freshwater fish – (pdf)
38 Tank Busters – (pdf)

Care Sheets for Tropical Freshwater Invertebrates & Plants:

50 Freshwater shrimps and snails – (pdf)
51 Crayfish and crabs – (pdf)
52 Freshwater plants – (pdf)

Care Sheets for Brackish Fish:

60 Monos, scats, archers and puffers – (pdf)

Care Sheets for Marine Fish:

70 Clownfish, Damselfish, Chromis and Basslets – (pdf)
71 Blennies, Gobies, Jawfish, Dwarf Wrasse and Dartfish – (pdf)
72 Butterflyfish and Tangs – (pdf)
73 Dwarf Angelfish – (pdf)
74 Angelfish – (pdf)
75 Seahorses and Pipefish – (pdf)
76 Large Marine Fish Groupers, Morays and Triggerfish – (pdf)
77 Venomous and Poisonous Marine Species – (pdf)

Care Sheets for Marine Invertebrates & Plants:

90 Corals – (pdf)
91 Anemones – (pdf)
92 Marine Molluscs, Crabs and Shrimps – (pdf)
93 Starfish, Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers – (pdf)

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